Grand Poo-Bah Sign-Up

Jun 10, 2010 at 9:00 am, TTIX Committee

If you want to enter into the Grand Poo-Bah competition post a comment here with the URL(s) of whatever social media (blog, twitter, flickr, youtube, etc) that you want us to watch.

We’ll monitor your submission and share with others, but only if you tag your posts with ttix10 (or #ttix10 on Twitter).

P.S. Because we confused the tags, we’ll also be watching for ttix / #ttix.

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7 Responses to “Grand Poo-Bah Sign-Up”

  1. Nancy White Says:

    You betcha @NancyWhite and choconancy on Flickr

  2. Jill Ullmann Says:

    Back for my 6th year at this conference and glad to be a part of it.

  3. Rob Barton Says:

    robmba on twitter and flickr

  4. Jill Ullmann Says:

    ladychow on twitter

  5. Michael C. Johnson Says:

    flickr: michaelcjohnson2
    YouTube: mikeandkari

  6. Michael C. Johnson Says:

    Oh, and slideshare: michaelcjohnson

  7. Anne Arendt Says:

    twitter: annearendt
    slideshare: annearendt

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